Lumberjacks Knock-out is a competition where participants play one-on-one. The playing field is about 3x5 meters with two small goals. Basic floorball rules apply with the exception of the following:
+ Playtime is three minutes
+ You win by scoring more goals than your opponent within three minutes or immediately if you nutmeg your opponent. This meansthat you succeed to play the ball through the legs of your opponent and control it afterwards
+ There is no goal area
+ If the ball goes over the rink the secretariat will throw a new ball in the middle of the playing field and the match continues immediately
+ In case of foul the fouled player get’s the ball and restarts the match at his goal. The opponent has to be in his side of the playing field then.
+ If you control the ball you have to try to score a goal within 30 seconds. This rule shall prevent running out the clock.
+ Match starts with Bully-off. After a goal both players go in their half of the playing field. The player that conceded a goal get’s the ball and restarts the match.
+ In case of draw (tied game) there is an extra time of 30 seconds. If there is still no winner after extra time the decision will be made by coin flipping.



Lumberjacks Knock-out takes place on saturday evening during barbecue in Rohrdorf. 16 players can attend: Every team may nominate one player and one stand by. All eight referees may automatically attend. If a referee abandons that option a stand by player will be drawn by lot. The matches will be observed by a referee. Only the winner of a match moves into the next round. Lumberjacks Knock-out starts with 8 matches. Organizers will ensure that players of one team will not meet in the first round. The winner on Lumberjacks Knock-out get’s a price for his team.

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